Mlle. Harzallah Jihen

  • Région: Monastir
  • Etablissement: Faculte de medecine
  • Classification: Professionelle
  • Niveau: non indiqué
  • Spécialité: Anglais professionnel
  • Matiére: Anglais / et Anglais Professionnel
  • Email:
  • Cv :

    Dedicated EFL Teacher with experience in achieving tangible results and cross-team collaboration. Proactive and excited to partner with like-minded individuals to achieve goals. Committed to student progress through personalized, targeted instruction. Communicates clearly and concisely to engage learners of varying ages and abilities. Education: Graduated from the Higher Institution of Applied Linguistics, Moknine, Monastir. Studied 2 years of Aggregation in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sfax. Studied 2 years of a Master's Degree in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sfax. I'm a certified TOEFL Teacher. Experience: I have been teaching hundreds of Students of different ages ( from 16 to 60 years old ) and of different levels ( A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1 / C2) throughout the years of working in the American Center Dream's n Motion, Sfax. I have prepared different students for the IELTS examination and the TOEFL examination. I Created effective and easy-to-understand techniques that can help in English Language acquisition. I have worked with special works in different fields (medicine, Nursing, Industrial, Business, ...etc) Results: After a few months, my students are able to communicate effectively in English and convey specific messages. In a short period of time, my students are able to write and read easily, as well as to speak and listen with ease to each other and others. Students are allowed to have as many individual sessions as well as group sessions in case of need or absence. For inquiries, this is my professional email: